Frames of Representation (FoR) in its fourth edition, continues to be a showcase for the cinema of the real, investigating the political and aesthetic approaches at its core. Turning our attention to the festival’s founding principles, FoR19 questions the categories, languages, and modes of speech and visibility that define the cinema of the real. In conversation with a community of filmmakers, researchers, activists, and audiences for whom cinema is a cultural event that both reflects and intervenes in the fabric of society, the programme aims to create and nurture a growing plurality of voices.

DEFRAMING, the concept at the heart of FoR19, emphasises decategorisation, the urgent resistance to totalising tendencies of thought, embracing cultural complexity and rerouting (the) dominant flows of power. FoR19 spotlights local experiences which are nonetheless part of a global conversation around contemporary issues, in the hope of moving towards a redistribution of politicaland cultural agency.

DEFRAMING profiles different permutations of the cinema of the real, an art form which embraces reality as constantly in flux, and truth as transitory and unattainable. FoR19 wants to reflect on cinema as an articulation of connectivity not only in terms of aesthetics, but also at the level of politics – forms of cinema that speak of gender, ethnicity, race, class, sexuality, religion, and culture, intertwining these concerns to express a horizontal, polyphonic society. 

Nico Marzano, Festival Curator


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FoR 2019 Film Festival Team:

Festival Curator: Nico Marzano

Research and Symposium Curator: Astrid Korporaal

Festival Coordinator: Raquel Morais

Production Coordinator: Nicolas Raffin

CHASE Research Assistants: Benjin Pollock and Arron Santry

Video Editor & Technical Support: Kamil Dobrosielski

Copy Editor: Emma Capps

Press Officer: Bridie Hindle

Website: Michal Białożej

Design: Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey and Matthew Stuart

Marketing Support: Viknesh Kobinathan


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